Performed my first kata

I performed my first ever Kata today. I completely understood what my mentor Chris said about how nerve wrecking the first experience will be but it does get better with practice.
I had practice the roman numerals kata numerous times over the week but was still not happy with it, eventually accepting that the best thing anyone can do is prepare as much as they can and do the best they can.

The performance itself went okay, I made a few mistakes which I knew would happen so it didn’t disspoint me too much, afterall it was my first.
When I started the kata, the test runner wasn’t working but I made sure to stay calm, and slowly and deliberately figure out what had happened.

Once I started with the first test case, I began feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment. Slowly the room faded into obscurity and it was just me and my code.
I knew the flow of the kata like the back of my hand (due to the crazy amount of practice).

The feedback I got was fair, the one that surprised me the most, because I was so sure I wasn’t going to do it was that I deleted my conditional before switching to a loop. When I practiced I’m sure I didn’t do that, perhaps it was the nerve? One thing I’m certain is that I won’t be doing that again.
Anopther feedback I got was that my last refactoring phase was too large, something that I will try to improve on next time I do a kata.

I’m glad that it’s done, I’ve learned more from the preparation than the Kata itself. The kata was only 8 minutes, the preparation must’ve been hours.

All in all, I’m happy with myself.


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