Why I am excited to Learn clojure

For the foreseeable future I will be learning Clojure. WOOHOO!

I have never done any Functional programming before so I’m looking forward to being
dazzled and wowed at every corner.

Here are a few things that make me excited.

My First Functional language

I’ve heard that when you learn a new programming language paradigm, you improve greatly as a developer. I’m looking forward to all the improving

It’s a new language to me!

Who doesn’t like a new shiny thing.

A JVM based language which means…

access to all the Java libraries that have been around for years.

It’s a lot like Lisp (so I’ve heard).

This means we get conditionals which was invented by John McCarthy while he was developing list. And it eventually spread to other languages.In list, functions are first class objects, meaning, they’re can be passed as an argument, return from other functions. They’re first class citizens! They have the right to vote!

Clojure loves concurrency.

All data structures are immutable, just that alone already makes concurrency a lot easier to handle.

Has an Interactive REPL

This makes learning process a lot more enjoyable. I enjoy using pry in Ruby land and look forward to using it in Clojure.

I’m sure there’s more reasons to make Clojure great to learn, looking forward to discovering time.

Exciting times!!


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