Diary: The right tool for the job

I’ve been a Mac user for over 15 years, I’ve gone through different versions of Mac OS, pre Panther to El Capitan and even some beta in between.

I would at times go to great lengths to ensure that I stay within the OS X world. I find this hard to admit but sometimes this isn’t always the best thing.

I started with C# just shy of 3 months. I began with Xamarin Studio as my preferred IDE because it promised me Windows Development in a Mac Environment. That lasted over 3 weeks before the pain of being so slow due to faulty IDE became too much. Then I switched over to Vim for a weekend. That too was cumbersome, slow, just a general pain.

Then I switched to Virtual Box running Windows 7 with Visual Studio. I thought I was home free until I realised that I the inbuilt tools for refactoring were horrendous. So I installed Resharper….. I was in heaven…for a while at least.

Until, the slow down, oh my the slow downs. I finally caved in and switched to Windows 7 on my boot camp partition. After all my years on the Mac, I hadn’t noticed how much Windows had improved.

Now I’m productive again, using VS with 16gb Ram and SSD.  It’s about the right tool for the job.


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