A good greeting can make all the difference.

At 8thLight we shake hands every morning with every member when we arrive and when we leave the office for the day.

When I first started over 7 weeks ago, I thought that this was peculiar, over time I’ve began to noticed the subtle difference it makes.

I consider greeting your colleagues every morning a sign of acknowledgement and a sign of respect. Yes it’s a simple act that I personally feel makes a difference in our interaction with each other in a positive way. In fact I like to greet everyone with a smile, to let them know I’m happy to see them and happy to work with them. I believe working relationship are better when you start your first interaction with someone with a smile and and handshake. It starts the day on a positive tone.

In Karate, before every practice session. The Students and the Sensei would bow before the dojo and bow to each other as a sign of respect towards one and another, regardless of belt status.

Over time my greeting handshakes with some of my colleagues have involved into a standard fist bump to even with some of the apprentices, an elaborate handshaking choreography(which I love).

At the end of the day, Software development comes down to the people involved, I strongly believe better working relationships is part of the recipe that can produce better software.



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