Diary IPM feedback

I had my IPM today which I had the following feedbacks.

  • No static class

    The Minimax class was a static class as I felt at the time that a client wouldn’t need to instantiate an instance of minimax, this lead to static variables within the class. Leading to a dangerous road where I’m no longer using the advantages of OOP, advantages such as polymorphism.

  • Delete old branches
    Over time I’ve created a lot of feature branches while developing my Tic tac toe, Chris rightly suggested that I streamline it to only 2 branches. My current feature branch and the master branch. This makes it easier for to review pull requests as there’s only one branch to inspect.

  • Add travis CI
    I’ve had some experience with Hudson and Jenkins continuous integration in a previous employment. I found that straightforward to setup as it can ran Apache Maven based projects as well as support for batch scripts( which i set it up for custom behaviour), which I hope Travis CI has support for. Looking forward to it as I really like the idea behind CI.c wjkc


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