Diary: Progress is progress

Friday Presentation

Last Friday I gave my first presentation in front of fellow 8thLighters, this week I gave my first Zagaku session.
A session about Vim tips and tricks to speed up your workflow, I really enjoyed it and that’s because I had great students.

I hope to do another one within the month, I think teaching others is a great to cement one’s learning. I should remember this next time when I inevitably feel nervous before a presentation

Finding the best way to set up a Game object

Today I was back on my tic tac toe game. Figuring how to setup my game object, in the simplest way. My feedback from last week is that I’m still over complicating thing. Who knew thinking in the simplest terms is difficult to do.

I’ve noticed lately that I’m improving on detecting code smells, however what I’m struggling with is finding out simple solution to these code smells. A lot of my solutions are leading me down rabbit holes and then I find myself in Wonderland having a tea break.

Upwards and forwards!


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