Lessons learnt from implementing an Echo Server

Today I finished my first version of Echo server. I learnt a lot by pairing with one my fellow apprentices who had done it before. She had taken a different approach that I hadn’t considered, enlightening indeed. I should pair more!

One valuable lesson I’ve (re)learnt this week is how much experienced developers can have utterly different views on how to approach a problem.

In the future I’ll compare different approaches and discuss with my mentors to determine the best approach.

The echo server also taught me a lot about streams and how to manage it, I never thought I would get tired of saying the word stream.

The final lesson I learnt was why it’s important to wrap outside dependency so you have better control of them, so in the event of any changes to those dependencies, the damage won’t propagate all over your code base making it smell.

Tomorrow I’ll do some further refactoring before committing to git.



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