Quotes week ending 12 February 2016

“Because software is in a perpetual state of flux—either due to new features being added or issues with the current code being addressed—our tests need to allow for change.” – Chris Jordan

“The problem isn’t in the simplicity of the code but the implicity of the code” – Bob Martin

“Differences between a smart programmer and a professional programmer is that the professional understands that clarity is king” – Bob Martin

“Don’t comment bad code, rewrite” – Brian W. Kernighan

“It’s difficult to Test drive the minimax algorithm” – Jim Suchy

“It seems as if Java was built to keep a developer from shooting himself in the foot. It seems as if C# was built to give the developer a gun but leave the safety turned on.
And it seems as if when C++ was built, they just handed the programmer a fully loaded bazooka with an open-ended license to use it. C# can be as harmless as Java using safe code, but can be as dangerous as C++ by clicking off that safety in unsafe mode—you get to decide.With Java, it seems as if the most damage that you can do is maybe spray yourself in the eye with the squirt gun that it hands you”


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