Quotes of the week ending 5th Feb

These are a collection of quotes of heard or read during the week.

“Yes this will delay features shipping occasionally, but working in nearly bug-free code will mean you work faster the overwhelming majority of the time.” – On fixing defects

(We are principled-6, Eric Smith, 8thLight blog)

We always apply our best efforts to complete our work.
We do not make excuses.

—from the 8th Light Principles of Steadily Adding Value

We work at a sustainable pace.
We do not burn out.

—from the 8th Light Principles of Steadily Adding Value

As craftsmen, we uphold our belief that overworking leads to bad code and wasted time. We make the most of our eight hour burns

—from the 8th Light 7th Principled

“Scrum uses the word “sprint” to represent duration. But how can we keep sprinting all the time, week after week? We like to use the term “iteration” instead of “sprint” for this very reason.”

—from the 8th Light 7th Principled

“Hold strong opinions weakly”

  • I first heard this from Uku

“work in short iterations because it enables more feedback and transparency. We work in pairs because it provides more accountability. We test drive our code because it gives us more confidence in our solutions. We know and practice SOLID design principles because they lead to cleaner, more maintainable code.” –

Myles Megyesi

” As a professional, I knew that before I could identify the cause of the bug, I needed a mental model of the business logic and a high-level overview of how that portion of the system’s code was structured so that I did not inadvertently create more bugs and cost the business more money.” –

Rick Winfrey


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