Why principles are important

Today I learnt more about what it means to be a craftsman and how it’s so much more about the code a craftsman writes.

While it’s about many principles and skills. These are the ones I learnt today.
How a craftsmen conducts themselves at every step of the way. During demonstrations, meetings, programming, etc.
Being professional when writing the code, to always attempt to write the best code you can.
To have humility at all times, to not pretend to know more than you know.
Estimate to the best of one’s ability, this one I hope I really understand one day.
I think one of the most important skill of all is,communication.

Communication related to code, does the code communicate clearly it’s intention?
Estimation, do you communicate the estimation clearly to the client?
Do you communicate what can and can’t be done in the current time frame? .

While there’s many principles that will help, I think it’s ultimately about delivering value to the client, through clean code, clean communication and this is done by having strong principles in place.


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