Day 3: Recording first kata

While recording my first performance of my roman numerals kata, I felt a sense pressure. There’s nothing wrong with pressure, only when the pressure leads to mistakes.

During my 3rd attempt of the kata without recording, I was comfortable and made few mistakes, laid back coding. The moment I began my 4th attempt in which I was recording, mistakes galore! I couldn’t generate a new class, nor a method, the basics had gone out of the window.
I stopped at the 3rd test  case to take a break and clear my head. I was genuinely surprised by my nerve, I felt it’s perhaps due to a lack of practice.

This thought came to me, perhaps we practice again and again, so we can remove nerves and reduce mistakes. It’s when a task becomes second nature, that’s when we perform better.

Whatever is the reason, I do believe that this couldn’t be a clearer sign that I am not yet 100% comfortable performing this particular kata, which means, more deliberate practice is required.


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