Theruputic Code kata’ing

The more I do, the more I learn.

I am beginning to see the benefits of repeating the same kata, again and again. The more I do a particular kata, the more I enjoy the rhythmic nature. Write a test, do the simplest action to get the test to pass, and finally improve the code while maintaining the same behaviour.

It begins to feel therapeutic because you know what’s coming next and what is coming next makes sense. What is coming next most of the time is get a singular test to past. The singular is what makes it simple, lessens the complexity of the task. We’ve broken a potentially complex problem into it’s smallest parts, thus making the task a lot more manageable.

Following the red green, refactor process, it’s perhaps at the refactoring phase where I feel the most sense of happiness, “I’m making my code better than what it was before”, is a nice feeling because we know the code becomes more readable, more malleable, more “clean”.

Once the kata is complete, like my old Karate sensei from many moons ago would say, “again”. When we do it again, we must do it better than before, because it’s only with deliberate  practice and awareness of our shortcomings, can we improve.


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