Useful aliases in bash

unix aliasesThe bash aliases are a great way to improve productivity, I find myself all too often typing the same commands repeatedly .

Here is a list of the most useful aliases to my workflow, I’m always looking to add more.

It has  greatly improved my productivity by at least 200%! (yes I tested..)

Interestingly, I also learnt the difference between bashrc and the bash_profile, this had me head scratching for a good hour as none of my aliases were working in “bashrc”.

Then I read this great article  .bash_profile vs .bashrc

The gist of it,   bash_profile: Gets executed to configure your shell settings before initial command prompt.

however if you’ve already login, the bashrc is called.   Apple being the special nerds they are, Mac Os X terminal (runs login shell) will executed the bash_profile.



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