A look at whether modern practices prefer Unit Tests or UML

Introduction When  talking about modern software development practices we first have to address the over arching software development methodologies. From the early days of software development teams used primarily used the traditional model, lengthy planning, analysing, designing, implementation and testing. Waterfall model, to modern usages of agile like methodologies, we can place methodologies into two … More A look at whether modern practices prefer Unit Tests or UML

Programming in a functional way series

Intro It’s been a great experience learning Clojure, lisp and functional style programming. This is just a short list of some principles I’ve learned about Functional Programming (FP) design. What you bring from your previous paradigm It’s only natural to bring your previous experiences along with you when learning something new. Usually it’s a positive, … More Programming in a functional way series

Ruby in a more functional way : Freezing

One of the tenets of functional programming is immutability. Freezing variables Immutable values means that once a variable has been set, it can never change. It’s forever the same, immutable. But wait a second, if a variable is frozen….doesn’t it mean that it no longer varies? which means it’s not longer a variable? exactly, it … More Ruby in a more functional way : Freezing

Rack in 5 minutes

What is Rack uses Ruby’s built-in WEBrick web server provides a web server interface a protocol for building composing web apps collection of middleware utilities Web server interface Rack provides an interface so that you don’t have to deal with some elements of the server. Such as listening on a port, accepting connections, parsing HTTP … More Rack in 5 minutes